We at ESS are constantly striving to improve service delivery, efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of our communications products, services and solutions to meet our customer’s current and future requirements. We are therefore very proud of the proposed role we will play to ensure your business has access to cutting-edge solutions that will keep you well ahead of your competition.



Your business networking requirements are covered with our comprehensive services.

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CX Solutions

‘Emovyz’ is a platform that leverages the power of emoji’s and transforms engagement.


Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Time and event based triggers ensure consistent maintenance of your products.


Media Signage Solutions

View our range of display types that cater for a variety of needs.


Customer Flow Management

Our CJM Industry solutions offer a range of state-of-the-art applications.


Passenger Wi-Fi and Vehicle Connectivity

Strong, fast and reliable, view our passenger Wi-Fi service.


  • If you're in the service industry, great customer experience (#CX) could give you that competitive edge you need to boost your business. Take a look at our market-leading solutions to help you enhance your customer experience: http://ess-sa.net/cx-solutions/
  • Digital screens in your service area keep customers informed and entertained while they wait. They're also a great source of advertising revenue. Read more about our #mediasignage solutions here: http://ess-sa.net/media-signage-solutions/
  • Long #queues are frustrating for customers and staff. Ask us about efficient Qmatic #queuemanagement solutions by @EmergeQueue in SA. http://ess-sa.net/customer-flow-management/ #CX
  • We all express ourselves through emojis every day 😃😀😊😞 Now you can use them to get valuable customer feedback in real time. Take a look: http://ess-sa.net/cx-solutions/?fbclid=IwAR2G-PZOzM7FV-EyowdzbiS-w4bJlUqmYMvAciTT-sEjRWSaNc4x-HBuWo0
  • Looking for reliable in-vehicle wireless internet solutions? The connected journey starts here: http://www.icomera.com/
  • An effective Voice of the Customer (#VoC) programme could help give you that competitive edge you need to boost your business. Here's how to start one: http://ess-sa.net/how-to-start-a-voice-of-customer-program/