We at ESS are constantly striving to improve service delivery, efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of our communications products, services and solutions to meet our customer’s current and future requirements. We are therefore very proud of the proposed role we will play to ensure your business has access to cutting-edge solutions that will keep you well ahead of your competition.



Your business networking requirements are covered with our comprehensive services.

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CX Solutions

‘Emovyz’ is a platform that leverages the power of emoji’s and transforms engagement.


Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Time and event based triggers ensure consistent maintenance of your products.


Media Signage Solutions

View our range of display types that cater for a variety of needs.


Customer Flow Management

Our CJM Industry solutions offer a range of state-of-the-art applications.


Passenger Wi-Fi and Vehicle Connectivity

Strong, fast and reliable, view our passenger Wi-Fi service.


  • Emovyz, a new emotional survey platform, uses #emojis to engage with a new generation of #customers. Take a look at these fun facts about emojis: http://ess-sa.net/things-you-never-knew-about-emojis/
  • Understanding and responding to the voice of the audience (VOA) is one of the most important ways to improve customer experience and grow your business in the digital era. Wondering what's VOA? Take a look at this article: http://ess-sa.net/what-is-the-voice-of-audience-voa/
  • Contact us to sort out your #networking issues, or if you're looking for someone to install the latest, most efficient networking solutions for you.
  • Ask us about @EmovyzSocial - an emotional #survey platform that makes it easier - and more fun - for customers to give their feedback using the power of #emojis. 😃😉
  • Thanks to cutting-edge vehicle connectivity solutions, passengers can stay connected to matters at work and keep in touch with friends and family wherever they go http://ess-sa.net/passenger-wi-fi-and-vehicle-connectivity/
  • Ask us about comprehensive #networking solutions, from planning to implementation.