Customer Feedback Solutions

What is Emovyz?

‘Emovyz’ is a platform that leverages the power of emoji’s and transforms engagement with a simple touch. The solution uses an emotional survey mechanism to create the foundation to understand the voice of customer, voice of employee and voice of audience target segments. With this foundation in place, the solution translates into a software-based, emotion sensor platform focusing on capturing emotions of customers, at any given place or time. To understand the respective target segments, we provide the following solutions.

Do you want to nurture an emotional connection with your customers / employees / audiences?

Defines questions that are aligned with your business goals.

Interacts with different customer segments on all digital platforms.

Maintains a continuous dialogue with customers, employees & audiences.


Are you trying to understand what your customers / employees / audiences are trying to say?

Translates customer feedback and provides an overall view of how they feel.

Helps you understand what your customers are really trying to say.

Guides you to make smarter decisions with the right information, at the right time.

  • Voice of Customer Solution

    Emovyz’ Voice of the Customer solution is an emotional sensor platform that generates real-time insights of your customer’s needs, wants, perceptions, preferences and expectations. The solution not only provides customer insights, but provides true clienteling to carry out customized loyalty programs throughout the customer journey.

  • Voice of Employee Solution

    Emovyz’ Voice of the Employee solution is an emotional sensor platform that generates real-time insights of your employees’ perceptions, preferences and expectations. In addition to realtime insights, the solution provides a mechanism of gamification that can help in employee productivity and efficiency.

  • Voice of Audience Solution

    Emovyz’ Voice of Audience solution is an emotion sensor platform that generates real-time insights on how your audience feels at a particular event, at any given point of time – including its involvement, commitment and personalization levels. It will help you find out what your audience needs, encourage their participation and gather their feedback – paving the way for actionable insights for an effective decision-making process. The platform provides valuable insights on how you can plan ahead with an understanding of what your audiences and what they expect from you in the near future.

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