Self Service Kiosks

Efficient Support Services offers wide range of self service kiosks through our sister company

Self service kiosks offer a cost-effective and productive solution. They are accurate and efficient, reducing the chance of human transactional errors. They allow in-store staff to concentrate on customers. They are easy to install and manage. Customer messages are always relevant and up-to-date.



Reduce Costs

Improve Store Efficiency

Enhance Customer Service

Increase Sales

Faster Return on Investment

Customer Needs Analysis

Self Service Shop

Our Self Service Shop is an automated retail store that enables your customers to buy physical items, such as SIM cards, mobile phones and tablets. It also provides all the services of a kiosk, thus eliminating the need for physical shops.

Installed in dynamic locations, it provides high availability of products and services 24/7, and delivers convenience to customers, enabling them to purchase products by themselves anytime anywhere.


  • Fast and convenient access to your products.
  • Availability of products to purchase 24/7.
  • Instant purchasing with no queues.
  • Expand your Business with Self Service Shops
  • Increase market reach.
  • Save money on new branches.
  • No employee’s involvement.
  • Elegant digital signage for marketing.
  • Cost effective sales channel.


Virtual Service Machines (VSM)

Virtual Service Machines (VSM), where people connect directly to an expert via a video call, which fills the gap between the self-service kiosk and the fear of adopting a new technology.

With the ability to get real human interactions, VSM machines can be installed inside and outside branches to reach your customers anytime anywhere. Customers can have live video chats with your remote agents and get served in a way similar to when visiting your standard branch at a hugely reduced operational cost. It is an active alternative channel that ensures no customer leaves unserved.

Interactive Teller Machines inside branch, your customers will become more independent without having to wait in lines to get served. They will also enjoy a comfortable and convenient customer journey by having more privacy. At the same time, you will eliminate queues in your branches, decrease the workload on your employees, and reduce costs. It is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Self Service Kiosks

Our comprehensive solutions include Self Service Kiosks, allowing you to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers, by making your services available beyond your branches and working hours.

The customers get the services by themselves without any help from a desk employee. This noticeably decreases your employees’ workload, while providing customers with convenience.

Our kiosks meet both your customers’ and business needs, by providing customers with convenient journeys that save their time, while eliminating queues, cutting cost, and increasing revenues.