Ensure the safety of your staff and clients with the temperature screening terminal.

The terminal can be setup at the front desk to scan and maintain info of up to 50 000 people. It can be used as a time management clocking system for staff as well as recognise clients. and can give voice commands such as “Please wear your mask” as it has mask recognition and advise the person that their temperature is high, which will notify them to seek medical attention and does not allow them into premises, The terminal can also be used as access control.


Prevent the spread of an infectious disease by simply screening people as they enter the premises. The screen terminal instantly identifies whether the person is wearing a mask as well as their temperature. If they are not wearing a mask, it instructs them to put one on and notifies security. The same applies to high temperatures, allowing personal to quickly put their emergency plan into action to prevent the spread.


The temperature screening terminal truly achieves high-efficiency automatic and non-inductive recognition. It can be used in all locations and in all scenarios such as sign-in areas (receptions),  in crowded places etc. The use is endless and all with one thing in mind…safety.

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