Efficient Support Services offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products dedicated for professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products offerings and bring new ones to meet expectations of our customers.

As Teltonika partners which is the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity and application platforms for passenger transport and public safety, Teltonika’s award-winning products are deployed on train, road and sea, serving millions of Wi-Fi users across the globe.

Our team of professionals is the key to our success. We are eager to understand and cherish every customer, And, what is most important: we want to work together and be able to promote and share good things with customers and create long term partnerships.


Product Features

Efficient Support Services is the Sole Certified Icomera hardware installer for South Africa

As public Wi-Fi availability grows, passengers increasingly expect to be in constant communication with their work or social networks, wherever they are. We have reached a point now where Wi-Fi is deemed to be an essential offering for operators.

Strong, fast and reliable, Icomera’s passenger Wi-Fi service has been installed on tens of thousands of buses, coaches, trains, trams and water vehicles across the globe, serving millions of passengers every week.

Icomera’s Vehicle Connectivity delivers a fast, reliable mobile data connection to and from a moving vehicle. Our technology maximises the stability, uptime and data throughput of your connection by intelligently aggregating parallel data networks. This enables us to deliver an unrivalled connected capacity for your passengers and support for your onboard systems.


Using our in-vehicle cellular routers’ built-in GPS, Icomera Fleet Management allows you to see exactly where your vehicles are: crucial information for transport operators looking to maintain or improve schedule adherence.

Additionally, our passenger counting applications use onboard CCTV systems to automatically count the number of passengers using public transport. Accurate automated passenger counting helps transport operators to optimise the availability of vehicles and plan new timetables and routes.

A reliable Fleet Management system can reduce operational costs associated with allocating and training staff to perform these tasks manually and offers improved accuracy.

Use your vehicle’s Internet connection to improve the safety of your passengers. With the Icomera CCTV service, footage can be directly streamed to headquarters or offloaded wirelessly when vehicles reach depots. Camera status can also be remotely monitored to keep your journeys as safe as possible.

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